Mastery of all service stages

Our process is " 100% integrated". This means that Orientys controls the entire chain of design, production and delivery of products to the customer.
We address this specificity as a real added value. Indeed, you can have full confidence in on our overall expertise in professional clothing.

The Orientys integrated approach:

  •   - Listening to needs.
  •   - Writing the response to this need.
  •   - Possible production of a sketch to illustrate the response as an image - validation.
  •   - Design of prototypes - validation.
  •   - Order placement.
  •   - Pre-production for quality testing and monitoring of compliance with the standards.
  •   - Manufacture of the quantity of products ordered.
  •   - Quality Control of finished products.
  •   - Logistics: carriage, customs clearance, delivery on site.

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Supporting our customers

The company's problem is to protect its employees from risks and equip them accordingly. Moreover, PPE is not part of its core business. Orientys therefore promotes a relationship of trust and seeks to be the single point of contact for management of the whole service.

We listen to you, guide you in the study of your needs and the definition of the ideal product. Then, we take care of everything until delivery.

In addition to meeting your need, our approach is also forward-looking.

We organize a clothing committee with our dealers’ teams. This "field" surveying promotes authentic study of customer needs. These results and price studies are used to develop samples which, once altered and validated, will be produced and marketed.

Basically we seek to mitigate constraints related to professional clothing. Its weight, for example, can be a real burden. Protection therefore becomes restrictive. In order to reduce this discomfort, we select fabrics that make clothing lighter. This enables us to produce garments that are 500g to over 1 Kg lighter.

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